Look Out! Here Comes My Ball and Chain!

Coon-SandersDoug Bowles is planning a series of concerts and a recording with his SingCo Rhythm Orchestra of his extraordinary collection of world class arrangements of the Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawks.

Doug is seeking your assistance in making this music available to a wider audience, through performances and a professional quality recording. He has already amassed the arrangements, which are shockingly exact record transcriptions for the most part.

Visit Doug’s Kickstarter page to donate now!

Doug Bowles and his SingCo Rhythm Orchestra recently gave a live concert of the music for the Potomac River Jazz Club, and were praised for their “hot” and “authentic” presentation of this incredible music.

Your support will enable this very skilled orchestra to present authentic performances of Coon-Sanders’ music. You will never have heard more virtuosic arrangements! This music has likely not been performed in public in this large a setting, and this large a quantity of charts, since the original group disbanded in 1933.

Your investment will be used to support the live concerts and recording fees, including musician fees, venue rental, all associated recording costs, marketing and publicity and potential multi-media presentations to accompany the live concerts.

The Coon-Sanders band was really Blazin! They were the top of the tops in the 1920s and 1930s, until the untimely death of one of its leaders in the early ’30s. Mel Torme, the famous jazz singer and scat master, made his radio debut with this band at the age of 4, appearing on their radio broadcast for 6 weeks.

Your support will make possible the recording of such hits as HERE COMES MY BALL AND CHAIN, LOUDER AND FUNNIER, READY FOR THE RIVER, MY BABY KNOWS HOW, AFTER YOU’VE GONE, and many more!

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