Bowles & Hassan

 Doug Bowles: tenor
Alex Hassan: piano

Doug and Alex have been musical and personal friends now for years. As Alex puts it, “Doug and I are total  immersionists.” No one performs this music for more love, enthusiasm and engaging good humor and virtuosity than us because few have ever lived this music so thoroughly as we do. Doug only has one musical playback device that doesn’t have a crank on the side and Alex has 40,000 pieces of period sheet music in his personal library, all dating from the period 1920 – 1940. This collaboration resulted in a CD, recorded in England in the Spring of 2010 entitled New Deal Rhythm: Songs to Cure those Depression Blues. Folks like Michael Feinstein, Leonard Maltin, Vince Giordano and Peter Mintun have all given it enthusiastic thumbs up.

The CD is available here on this website, via PayPal. With the thousands of tunes in their respective heads, Doug and Alex have a potential to keep your toes tapping and your eyes wide open with expectation at every performance. Our producer , Shellwood Productions in Thames Ditton, UK, is excitedly awaiting our recording our next CD, a collection of songs by Gordon and Revel.

New Deal Rhythm – Doin’ the Reactionary
My Baby’s on Strike
I’ve Got Another Day from the NRA
Brother Can you Spare a Dime

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